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Adaptive Dance

Celebrating the diversity of dancers and creating space to be different and enjoy personal expression through movement

Sensory Soft

Classes considered sensory soft include lower lighting, music volume, and speaking voices. to make classes accessible to students especially sensitive to specific sensory input. All classes with the exceptions of tap and hip hop can become sensory soft to accommodate students per request.  

Adaptive Dance Class

A specific class incorporating multiple dance styles designed for students that need a wider range of adaptions to participate in dance classes. It features small class size and a certified special education teacher to create an engaging environment for a variety of abilities. 

Balance Dance believes that everyone who wants to dance should have the option of taking dance classes. For this reason, Balance is committed to providing accessible classes to all students. We are located in an ADA accessible facility and host two specific types of classes designed for theses purposes. We know that these two class types are not exhaustive to the list of possible accommodations. If there is a way we can make dance available to your student please ask. We may not be able to accommodate every need, but we will try our best. We are excited to work with you to make dance an option for your student.

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