Cecchetti teaching

The Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet

The Cecchetti method of ballet stems from the classical teaching of Enrico Cecchetti. Cecchetti challenged what the dance community thought was physically possible and the time. He was a coveted teacher coaching some of the most famous dancers of his time, including Anna Pavlova. It is those teachings that have made the method now known as the Cecchetti method.

The Cecchetti method is leveled and systematic method that is created upon Enrico Cecchetti's teaching and expanded to scaffold professional quality classical ballet. It is a developmentally appropriate yet rigorous syllabus that focuses on training not only the body but also the mind. Students are required to take a ballet examination to demonstrate readiness to advance to the next level of the syllabus. Upon passing an examination students receive certifications that are recognized internationally to validate student accomplishment through the curriculum.