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Colleen Dennis


Colleen began her study of the Cecchetti Method of classical ballet in 1996 at Lancaster School of Ballet. She was identified as a promising teacher and given an apprenticeship under Molly Carey and Carolyn Trythall. Their tutelage encouraged a love of pedigogy, classical training, and education. She attended Millersville University for Early Childhood Education and Special Education as well as became a member of the Cecchetti Council of America. She believes that a well rounded education is developmentally appropriate and engages the body, mind, and spirit.

Jessica Lim

Artistic Director

Jessica Lim has dedicated her time, energy, and resources to shaping the lives of children, youth and adults through dance. In 1983, Jessica began studying dance at Wendy's Dance Studio in Bucks County PA. She studied the Vaganova Method of Ballet as well as tap, lyrical, modern, and Hip-Hop.In 1990 she competed with the studio’s ballet competition team and won regionals and Nationals. She was recognized as a promising teacher and so student taught and then performed in local shows theater Productions as well as worked with the Philadelphia Ballet company and their student program as a teenage. In 1999 she took her first competition team to the Regionals and then again to win Nationals while also working with Stephanie Spassoff for the summer intensive at the Rock School for Dance.She obtained her certification through Dance Masters in 2000. In 2008, She moved to lancaster county and was mentored under Carolyn Trythall in the Cecchetti Method of Ballet. She has used the Cecchetti Method to better herself as well as her students’ ballet technique. She has been a member of the Cecchetti Council in good standing since 2010 and has guest taught for the Cecchetti East Coast Conference and has Coordinated the conference as well. She also studies Progressive Ballet Technique as well as continued education through health and wellness for athletes, anatomy and kinesiology. In 2011 She started the dance program at the Lititz Rec Center and grew to the Ephrata Rec Center in 2012. From 2011 through 2017 She ran dance camps for both the rec centers and started A Chance to Dance for kids who would otherwise not be able to take classes. Jessica also performed in several productions throughout Lancaster County and has been hired as a choreographer for musicals for local schools and in dance companies in Philadelphia and Lancaster County. In 2012 she opened Limitless Dance with a mission was to inspire dancers to express themselves through movement while ensuring they obtain proper technique. Jessica “dancing a sport which needs to be taught properly to ensure the safety of every dancer I have always been tough on my kids and make them strive to be the best they can be even when they feel like they can't and time and time again they always show not only me but themselves that they can achieve things they never thought they could.”  She has been a guest teacher at many loca studio such as Lancaster School of Ballet, Cavod Academy of the Arts, and Laurel Dance. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Limitless Dance closed in 2018. Colleen Dennis opened Balance Dance in July of 2018 and offered to make Limitless and Balance Dance one big dancing family. 


MYRANDA Marshall


Myranda Marshall is an accomplished gymnast and gymnastics coach. She was an Assistant Teacher to Miss Colleen before going to college for Elementary Education and Special Education. Upon her graduation, she began teaching Stretching and Strengthening at Balance Dance, combining her love of gymnastics with her love of dance.

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